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Управляющий партнер Группы компаний Rost Group, входит в состав Украинского клуба АСПЕН (г. Киев), дипломированный член CIPR

С точки зрения деятельности, событие - это действие



March 24, 2014

This year Rost Group Company has joined the DISCOP Event 2014 as a Producer, representing its latest innovative development – the TV Format Game Show “The 7th SENSE” and the cross media platform SINCE.

The DISCOP event has taken place in Istambul (Turkey), lasting from March 4 till March 6, 2014. DISCOP is a global premiere content development, production and distribution Gathering. Each year DISCOP Event is rapidly growing. The statistic showed a significant attendance increase of 40% in general attendance — from 672 to 955 participants, including 350 buyers.

This year the Gathering was represented by seven national pavilions, such us Iraq, South Africa, UK, France, Malaysia and China, India and Ukraine. The good news is that the amount of the Ukrainian attendees has grown substantially.

Rost Group Company was one of the key participants representing Ukraine. This year the Company has announced the global audience its latest innovative development in the area of TV formats - the interactive Game Show “The 7 th SENSE”. Also the Company represented to the Buyers another development - the interactive cross media platform SINCE.

Both inventions of the Company combine each other. While unifying, they allow the real players from the live audience to interact with Internet players.

The development of Rost Group eliminates the boarders between the reality and Internet, ensuring the competition between a human being and the Internet audience to come true.
The presentation of fresh Rost Group developments lasted for three days. The Company representatives have established fruitful business tights with the Buyers from different countries.

Next year Rost Group has an intention to join the DISCOP Event again. Discop Istanbul 2015 will be conducted during February 24-26.

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