Olena Sibiriakova

Managing Partner Rost Group, member of Ukrainian ASPEN club (Kyiv), affiliated member of CIPR

A butterfly flapping its wings somewhere on Caribbean islands can cause a hurricane in Europe. Create your correct communication strategy for a single market, and within a moment’s notice it will be known on other markets, as well!

Corporate designs

Interesting fact: “If your company is not interested in design, it has no sense. Everything has shape.”
Kjell Nordström and Jonas Ridderstråle

Corporate design has long since ceased to be simply identity. Now it comprises separate culture and brand vision, expression of positioning, moods, ambitions, and plans for the future.
Corporate design development is the very difficult, enormous task of searching for unique graphical solutions that no one had ever used before.
Present day corporate style includes:
  • Logo
  • Corporate colors
  • Corporate typeface
  • Pagination scheme
  • Character (a human, an animal or fictional creature)
Corporate design becomes the foundation of your company brandbook, which comprises integrated identity rules for advertising and informative materials of your company.

Everything related to your company one way or the other should bear the corporate design of your company:
- Products and package, delivery vehicles and the uniform of loader men
- Work attributes, such as envelopes, blanks, commercial offer forms of all kinds, business cards, folders, bags and pens
- advertising and informative materials of all kinds
- Promotional items
- Interactive face of your company (profiles of public access web pages in social networks)
- Interior and exterior design of the company and company exhibition stands on any events (exhibitions, workshops, symposiums)

The more integral your corporate design is, the more responsible your company’s approach to its implementation in every branch of your business activity, the better is customer perception of this design.

Rost Brand offers services in new corporate style development and re-branding.

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