Olena Sibiriakova

Managing Partner Rost Group, member of Ukrainian ASPEN club (Kyiv), affiliated member of CIPR

A butterfly flapping its wings somewhere on Caribbean islands can cause a hurricane in Europe. Create your correct communication strategy for a single market, and within a moment’s notice it will be known on other markets, as well!

Our services

Since 2009, Rost Brand has offered services in complex merchandising of products using the entire extensive toolkit of contemporary advertising and marketing.

We are focused on achievement of a specific goal, which is the increase of our Employer’s revenues. Thus our actions are based exclusively on mechanics that are verified by years of practical use and successful implication.

We are not only developers and incorporators of effective advertising and communications programs, but also we create the events which lead to the required results. Our practice relies entirely on the interests of our partners, principles of social accountability, and recent developments in PR and IT fields.

We do not declare, but we do practice an exclusive approach to every Client, and thus we guarantee a steady-doing deep elaboration of goals and tasks of every project.
Among our Clients there are companies like Canon, Embawood, “Critique” magazine, Aspen Club and FUER Forum.

The expertise of our team allows us to do our job with exclusive quality. Since it is impossible to create effective communication programs relying solely on expertise in the fields of PR or banner advertising, our approach relies on the complexity of efforts.

Among the services that we offer are:
  • Brand-building
  • Development of communications strategies
  • Operating PR projects and conducting relations with media
  • Ready-to-operate creative campaigns
  • Development of concepts for advertising campaigns and corporate designs
  • Implementation of Internet projects
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In practical terms, an event is action.

Our partners