Olena Sibiriakova

Managing Partner Rost Group, member of Ukrainian ASPEN club (Kyiv), affiliated member of CIPR

A butterfly flapping its wings somewhere on Caribbean islands can cause a hurricane in Europe. Create your correct communication strategy for a single market, and within a moment’s notice it will be known on other markets, as well!

We have been developing companies whose main goal is to care for the health of your business since 1998. We have gained the trust of many national and foreign countries since that time. We have always watched the dynamics of the market's growth, and, through helping it grow, we have grown ourselves. Over the years, we have become innovators in IT solutions, marketing and PR.

Rost Group means the healthy image of your organization!

From 1998, Rost Brand has been providing integrated product promotion, using the entire toolkit of modern communication programs. Our goal is to achieve concrete results, and so we base our actions only on methods that have proven themselves with many success stories and thus have passed the test of time.

We create the events!

Rost Outsourcing has been promoting pharmaceutical products on the Ukrainian market since 2002. The mission of Rost Outsourcing is caring for the health of your business by outsourcing expensive and complex projects and services.

Your backyard is our front door!

Rost Outstaffing has been one of the priority directions of Rost Group activity and development since 2004. Outstaffing provides a wealth of possibilities: a company can save resources and not lose anything.

Rost Distribution is a unique example of a company that specializes in pharmaceutical promotion. This niche specialization and concentration on one market allows our experts to focus in one domain and to become true professionals in their work.

Effectiveness above all!

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