Daria Burik

Communications Director

Advertising implements two goals: first, to sell your goods, and second, of equal importance, to improve the style of society as a whole and to determine trends in a certain graphical style. Our goal is to sell goods and to implement visual images of good quality.

Advertising campaigns

Interesting facts: “Advertising is the engine of commerce
Ludovic Metzel, founder of the first advertising agency in Russia

((The law of business is unfailing: to gain something you have to invest into something. You invest into effective advertising, and you will not spend lot of time waiting. When one supports the advertising, the advertising supports him back. Every world-wide known brand never stops advertising itself for a second: no brand can afford that. This goes double for small companies.

Rost Brand company staff includes professionals with long-term experience in advertising and marketing, and thus company is able to conduct all kinds of advertising campaigns on-line and off-line as well:

Off-line advertising companies with the use of:
  • TV advertising
  • Media advertising
  • Printed advertising
  • Outdoor advertising, particularly transit and ambient advertising
  • Domestic advertising

Online advertising companies with the use of:
  • Banner and teaser ads
  • Context ads in search engines and on partner web-sites
  • Advertising in social networks
  • Video ads

We provide services on development and implementation of advertising campaigns in a set of services, from research of competitors advertising companies and selection of a communications strategy to distribution and outcome monitoring. Generally, advertising companies are implemented in combination with other marketing tools such as PR-campaigns, viral advertising, sales promotion campaigns, events, direct marketing. This allows for maximum audience exposure as well as widespread and integral performance and therefore for maximum efficacy.

Daria Burik
PR specialist

  • Education: Kyiv International University, Journalism (specialty: Advertising and public relations), Ivan Franko L’viv National University, Journalism (specialty: Advertising and Management in Media)
  • Specialist in effective communications and professional journalism (more than 50 publications in Ukrainian media)
  • Experience in PR servicing of nation-wide commercial, social and charitable projects, and in CSR programs
  • Experience in literary editing in modern media

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