Olena Sibiriakova

Managing Partner Rost Group, member of Ukrainian ASPEN club (Kyiv), affiliated member of CIPR

Brand-building is far more important than corporate design, advertising, marketing, and PR, yet it is impossible without all of the forementioned. Let’s build brands together!


Interesting fact: “The art of marketing is the art of brand building. If you are not a brand, you are a commodity.”
Philip Kotler, established authority in modern marketing

Brand-building, or branding, is the process of brand forming, which may take years to complete. Making a brand out of a trade mark is a laborious process that requires patience and investments. When the trademark becomes a brand, the success pays for all efforts a hundredfold.

Branding incorporates a number of sequential processes:

1. Corporate mission determination and goal setting:
  • Future brand mission building
  • Setting of goals to achieve: what qualities the brand should have and what it should convey to the consumer
  • Definition of brand efficiency criteria
2. Planning:
  • Analysis of resources available at the moment
  • Team appointment
  • Computation of Timing
3. Evaluation of current trade mark position:
  • Audience awareness analysis
  • Loyalty level and reputation
  • Difference between real and desired state
4. Marketing research:
  • Demand and supply analysis
  • Investigation of competitors
  • Shaping of consumer profile and behavioral patterns
5. Search for brand essence
  • Positioning, USP, mission
  • Brand value
  • Brand attributes
6. Brand-building strategy generation
7. Implementation of brand-building strategy
  • Media planning
  • Development of key communicatory messages
  • Development of advertising and informative materials
  • Distribution
8. Control and outcome monitoring

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