Olena Sibiriakova

Managing Partner Rost Group, member of Ukrainian ASPEN club (Kyiv), affiliated member of CIPR

A butterfly flapping its wings somewhere on Caribbean islands can cause a hurricane in Europe. Create your correct communication strategy for a single market, and within a moment’s notice it will be known on other markets, as well!

Our Portfolio

About us

Our Clients recommend us because they value an exclusive approach to their interests, their goals, and an exclusive consideration of a certain markets’ specifics.

Rost Brand invests in deep elaboration of goals and tasks of their projects, and partners consider this important. Partners also value the free consulting service that Rost Brand practices in the field of communication campaign strategy.

Our programs are based on the principles of liable business dealing.

Rost Brand was established in 1998, and from that moment on has earned trust of clients both in the national and international markets.
This was the founding direction of activity for the Rost Group, and is thus the focus of special attention.

Our goal
Our goal is the development and implementation of effective and fine-featured communication programs that comply with interests of our Partners.

These programs always utilize the most novel developments in media and innovative intellectual technologies.

Advantages of cooperation with Rost Brand
  • Our main advantage is a 10-year-long history of successful business in the Ukrainian market.
  • Our portfolio includes projects we have performed for world leaders in IT, pharmaceutical, photo- and video equipment markets.
  • We have developed and marketed new brands for major Ukrainian holdings and businesses.
  • Broad experience in the field of political marketing allows us operative integration of recent communicating and media achievements into the business dealing.
  • We provide services in developing concepts and strategies
  • We look forward to long-term cooperation with our partners, and we provide free of charge consulting for our long-term partners.
  • Our Clients ive special importance to our flexible system of payments.
In 2010, Heads of the Rost Group Olena Sibiriakova and Alexander Blank founded the Foundation for Good Politics, which is a non-profit non-governmental organization focused on increasing the quality of politics through supporting public communications between politicians, bureaucrats, scientists, businessmen, and civil society leaders. To achieve this goal, Rost Brand has developed and is now supporting the Foundation for Good Politics web page.

Olena Sibiriakova expresses her point of view on the ongoing processes in bogs as well. She has also published dozens of articles in media and had published a book titled “Course of Events” in 2007.

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